Flower Run

Crochet With Just Fingers
Flowers to remember those we've lost
Benefitting the Alzheimer's Association

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SPONSOR of the Knitting Runner

I will be running in the 2015 NYC TCS Marathon on November 1st.

New York City is an awesome place to run a marathon. I loved being there last year. The spectators and support are amazing. The only drawback for a knitter-runner is that they don't allow tools. So once again I'll be doing yarn arts without tools. This year I'll be doing crochet with my fingers.

Flowers at a Walk to end Alzheimer's Event
wpri.com photo

The Plan

  1. A super-bulky weight (6) Lion Brand yarn
  2. No crochet hook – just fingers
  3. Crochet as many flowers as I can
  4. Give the flowers as I complete them to spectators
  5. Record the whole process on a body-camera
  6. Encourage the flower receivers to share online

What & Why

The Alzheimer's Association has a flower tradition as part of their "Walk To End Alzheimer's" events. They give all of the participants a pinwheel flower with colors based on their relationship to someone who has Alzheimer's. At a special moment in the event you hold up the flower in memory of your connection and those that we have lost. It is a very somber moment and helps us to visualize the loss with a prettier and happier field of flowers. So my flowers will be Alzheimer's flowers. I hope that this will help people remember how devastating this disease is and that they can do something to help. I hope people will share with their friends and encourage them to donate towards Alzheimer's. Follow my buttons everywhere to get to my fundraising page:
Alzheimer's Fundraising Page

Finger-Crochet Flowers Tests
I like them best with the light centers.

Will You Get a Flower?

There are many opportunities to get a flower. You could be a spectator at the NYC marathon and cheer really loud when I am coming near and I have just completed a flower. You could be the friend or loved one of someone who gets a flower at the marathon and they give it to you because of your connection to Alzheimer's. You could watch Lion Brand Yarn Company's blog for information about a share-your-story swap. You could meet me in NYC at a Lion Brand sponsored workshop and learn how to make one of your own with me. You could watch for a tutorial video that I will post soon.

You Have a Flower – Now What?

If you have a flower I want you to share it. Take a selfie with your flower and post it online. Call me out as DoNotStaple on Twitter or Instagram. My favorite outcome is that you find someone affected by Alzheimer's either as someone who has the disease or as their caregiver or loved one. Give them the flower and let them know that you love them and acknowledge what they are dealing with.

Finger-Knitting on the NYC Highline
October 2014